Get To Know Me 

Drivers Name:  Brian Axworthy
Drivers Birthday:  07/09/1991
Hometown:  North Sydney, NS
Occupation:  Ranch Hand

My Ride 

Car Number:  02
Year:  1992
Make:  Honda
Model:  Civic
Sponsors:  Coady Fitzgerald trucking, paving & excavation, Jamaels towing service, longs towing & shipping container rent/buy, advanced automotive, sunrise stable, bradman sales.

Ask Me A Question 

Years i have been racing:  3

What got me started in racing:  Racing goes deep in my family as my dad, grandfather, aunt and many cousins raced for years.

My most memorable racing moment:  My most memorable racing moment would have been watching my dad win his first race and jump out of the car with that much excitement in his face!

My worst racing moment:  Worst moment would be my very first race on the first lap I scaled the wall on the back stretch lol

My most embarrassing racing moment:  Embarrassment would be getting told To cut the X out of my cage then told to ratchet strap a rim in my car cage as a weight penalty lol

My hobbies are:  Going to horse shows with my fiancĂ©, making hay, and fixing up cars

What I Like 

Favorite Nascar Driver:  Jeff Gordon
Favorite Food:  Subway
Favorite Drink:  7up
Favorite T.V. Show:  Chicago Med
Favorite Sport:  Hockey/Racing


A Few of my Photos 

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