Tim Webster of Beaver Bank, NS took home his second win in a row on Saturday, third of the season. The ECMST rolled into Speedway Miramichi for their fourth event of the season. With only two events remaining on the schedule, will Webster be able to hold off the rest of the field to take home the inaugural seasons championship? Up next, the tour heads to the Valley Raceway for the Dirt Clash, sponsored by TJ Greenlawn Landscape Construction.

Results from Sept 16th at Speedway Miramichi.

Sticker Fool Heat 1:
81 55 76 23DQ
Sticker Fool Heat 2:

11 99 86 31 13

Speedway Miramichi Feature:

86 31 23 13 81 76 55 99DQ 11DQ

EIT Race Radios Hard Charger:
Tim Webster – 7 Positions

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